And now for something completely different…

In December 2016, Wim De Prez presented new work during his exhibition ‘And now for something completely different …’. On the one hand, he builds on the work he made for the Swedish Chalmers University, in which he lays links between art and science. You can read more about that in our previous blog. On the other hand, he presents new pieces that are the result of his experiments with 3D printing.

And now for something completely different tentoonstelling wim de prez art science

Cats, demons and many worlds

Art lovers who have yet to come to Sweden to view the new work of Wim De Prez, can visit Gallery Number Four this month to experience his ‘scientific’ creations. In the exposition, we are shown a box in which Schrödinger’s cat is hidden, a flying Demon by Maxwell and various works that elaborate on the Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

In two paintings Wim De Prez explores the theme of science and art. He bases these images on his insights into Schrödinger’s cat and Maxwell’s demon.

Another result of this ‘art-scientific’ research are the drawings in white frames. These works are available for a more modest budget.

Life under a dome

Wim De Prez continues to experiment with 3D printing. This exhibition presents new creations with colorful accents living under their own domes.

3D printing also makes it possible to create very complex pieces that would otherwise be virtually impossible to make. One of the new creations is a complex organism that is very difficult to classify.


Science and art under a dome

The artist’s interest in quantum mechanics also appears under the domes. He made two pieces in which a parallel universe manifests itself physically as a 3D shadow.

Another piece shows three parallel universes coming into contact with each other.



 Something different

It was an interesting exhibition with a lot of exciting new work. If you are interested in the work of Wim De Prez, you can always come by. Just give us a call


Schrödinger’s cat is alive… in Sweden!

In late October I took the plane to Sweden to participate in the annual AHA Festival. Chalmers University in Goteborg had asked me to create an artwork in which I reconcile art with science. They also asked me to give a talk about my history as an artist and the work I made for the occasion. I took on the challenge with great enthusiasm!

chalmers university sweden aha festival wim de prez art science

The AHA! Festival for Art and Science

aha festival Art and Science sweden goteborg
I was asked to participate in the third edition of the AHA Festival, an annual meeting between art and science in an event that lasts three days at the Chalmers University of Technology. It is organized by the department of architecture and the department of physics. It is an international gathering of scientists and artists who want to share their vision and work with eachother.

A lecture about my art

During the second day of the festival, I gave a lecture about my history as an artist. For a half hour I talked about my work as an artist. I started at the beginning of my career and explained step by step how I developed my personal artistic style.

It gave me great satisfaction to meticulously explain to a room full of scientists and artists how my work is created. I talked about how I make my paintings and how my sculptures are created. I explained in detail how I use 3D software and 3D printing to produce my imaginative creations in a modern way.

The reason I had come all the way to Sweden, of course, was the piece of art I made for the festival. You can read more about the work itself in my previous blog. The biggest challenge I encountered in Sweden came when I had to explain how this work came about. The work is an attempt to reconcile art with famous thought experiments in physics and quantum mechanics. When I was talking about quantum theory, I had to make sure I made no mistakes, since the auditorium was filled with physicists who have studied this matter their whole life. In the end, I succeeded. The physicists in the audience found it refreshing that an artist knew so much about physics and the artists were surprised that I could hold my own in this field.

Step by step I explained the significance of the works I made for the Festival. I explained my interpretation of Schrödinger’s cat, my realization of Maxwell’s demon and my ideas about the many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

AHA Festival Art and Science Goteborg Wim De Prez chalmers university

Art and science reconciled in… art

The work I made for the university was installed in a corridor of the department of physics. During a reception the work was introduced to the guests of the festival.

It was an honor to introduce my work to this group of extremely interesting people. Moreover, I think it’s magnificent to know that my artistic work now lives on in Sweden.

AHA Festival Art and Science Goteborg Wim De Prez chalmers university


Interesting conversation with fascinating people

The best thing about my stay in Goteborg was that I met many new fascinating people. For example, I spoke with Arthur I. Miller, professor emeritus of history and philosophy of science at University College London. I talked to him about quantum mechanics and my work. I also had a fascinating encounter with Joseph Nechvátal, an artist who uses homemade computer viruses to create digital paintings and animations.

AHA Festival Art and Science Goteborg Wim De Prez chalmers university

More to come!

Commissioned art can sometimes produce great results. It pushes the artist to explore his limits and discover new creative horizons. My project for Chalmers University has given my work a significant push in a new direction. You can admire the work in Sweden, or if this trip is a bit too much, you can come to my next exhibition at Gallery Number Four. In the exhibition ‘And Now for Something Completely Different …’, I will reveal works that build on this project. Furthermore, I hope I will get more chances in the future to give lectures. If you are interested in booking me for a lecture, you can always send an email to

And now for something completely different...

Schrödinger’s cat is dead! Long live Schrödinger’s cat!

Chalmers University in Goteborg, Sweden asked me to participate in the AHA Festival, an academic festival created to reconcile art and science. They wanted me to create a work of art within the theme of physics. I chose two subjects: ‘Schrodinger’s cat’ and ‘Maxwell’s demon’. My whole life I’ve been interested in physics, quantum mechanics and how our universe works, so of course I was very happy to provide my interpretation of this subject. My artistic-scientific journey began with Schrödinger’s cat.

Schrödinger’s cat brought to life

Schrödinger’s cat refers to a thought experiment which was formulated in 1935 by Erwin Schrödinger to show the ramifications of quantum mechanics. With this thought experiment, he wanted to show how on the smallest scale, our universe is very unpredictable and how it goes against human intuition. To do this, Schrödinger connected the atomic level of the universe to our relatable world. Schrödinger created a hypothetical box which can kill a cat inside with a mechanism controlled by quantum mechanic events. Because of the nature of quantum mechanics, the cat is simultaneously alive and dead until you open the box. This insecurity disappears when the box is opened and you observe whether the cat is dead or alive.

To bring to life Schrödinger’s cat, I decided to create my own version of the experiment. I looked for ways to make my own confusing cat box. Eventually, I design the machine that will decide the faith of the cat. I put the cat in the box and sealed it shut permanently. Nobody will ever be able to open the box. The cat will forever be simultaneously dead and alive.

To accompany the box, I created a collage to show how I did my artistic-scientific research en how the box came to be.

 Maxwell’s Demon

Maxwell’s Demon is a thought experiment devised by Scottish physicist James Clerk Maxwell to question the Second Law of Thermodynamics. I recreated this demon in my typical artistic style. It is a very interesting intellectual exercise, but to understand the details of it, you should go take look at Wikipedia. Below is the scuplure I made to celebrate Maxwell’s Demon.

The cat and the demon on canvas

To further expand on the installation on Schrödinger’s cat and the sculpture of Maxwell’s Demon, I painted my vision of the two thought experiments on canvas. In these two works, I incorporated many elements of physics. It became a thoroughly complex cartoon.

The Many-worlds interpretation

Quantum mechanics has inspired a lot of heavy thinking the last century. One of the theories inspired by quantum mechanics is the many-worlds interpretation. This theory, formulated by Hugh Everett III in 1957, says that every possible alternative universe exists. In the case of Schrödinger’s cat, the cat is both a live and dead, but in different universes. There are infinite worlds. There is a world where Clinton was president and a world in which Trump is president. There is a world where chocolate is green and a world in which the earth has four moons. I put this concept into a tableau that shows some of the possible worlds

And now for something completely different…

If you want to see this piece of art in real life, you will have to book a plane ticket to Sweden. I do not expect that people will start a major pilgrimage to theChalmers University to see my work, but that’s okay, because in my next exhibition I will build on this work. Want to know how I will do this? Come take al ook the first two weekends of December. Click the link below for more information.

And now for something completely different...

The first Chuck Family by Wim De Prez Golf Cup!

On 4 September, the Chuck Family by Wim De Prez Golf Cup took place in the Golf & Country Club Oudenaarde. In cooperation with the club we organized a golf tournament to celebrate the Chuck Family sculptures.

The duo Josée Minnaert and Patrick Speliers won the first category. In the second category, David Robinson and Bernard Verhulst were the winners. Aline Bissay won the 9-hole competition.


Optical illusion in a colorful sculpture.

What makes my interpretation of the figure of the golfer so special, is the optical illusion incorporated into the sculpture. If you look at it from the front, it looks like he’s holding a golf club.


But if you look at it from the other side, you see that he’s not holding it. The golf club is stuck in his head!


Two little brothers and a bunch of nieces and nephews

I also made two mini versions of the golfer. They both got their own color.

The golfer not only brought his two little brothers, he also brought along the rest of his family. For one whole day, the Chuck Family took over the golf course of Oudenaarde.

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Open days June 2016 with Stefaan Schreel

The first two weekends of June, the new exhibition of Wim De Prez and Stefaan Schreel took place. We presented new sculptures, new paintings and a new art book. It was a whirlwind encounter with a series of new creatures!

New sculptures, new creatures

Wim De Prez has unleashed a newseries of sculptures (or should I call them ‘beasts’?) on the world! When you walked through the front door of the gallery, you were immediately confronted by two new friends in De Prez’s imaginative universe of creatures. A friendly fellow who climbs the walls and a floating giant soaring through space. They also have friends, two brothers who revolve around their own base.

There were a lot of newcomers to the party. Two nephews reminiscent of turtles crawled through the exhibition space. A colorful little guy with his mouth wide open and his tongue all the way out, two brothers lying around on their pedestal and two great dragons flying by, ready to spit fire.

In the garden we find a water spraying sculptures which serves as a water fountain. Also, we find the big nephew of the colorful guy with his mouth wide open from earlier. If you listen carefully, you can hear them yelling …



Fresh paintings!

An exhibition by Wim De Prez is not an exhibition by Wim De Prez if it lacks beautiful paintings. We were not disappointed, we got to see three variants of an abstract figure.

Presentation of an ew art book: Wim De Prez: 1994-2016


These open days were the ideal time to introduce my new art book. The book extensively covers my artistic career in about 100 pages. The book contains works dating from 1994 to the most recent projects I created. The reader/viewer is guided through the evolution of the artist, from drawings and paintings to sculptures. The book is available for 30 euros.

New pieces by Stefaan Schreel

Stefaan Schreel also participated in the exhibition! He uses iron to make statues of insect-inspired creatures. It looked like our garden was ravaged by a bug infestation! Stefaan Schreel started his artistic career making exclusive furniture pieces in limited editions based on his mastery as a sculptor and always with a preference for iron. By working with contrasting woods and metals in his later pieces, he creates pieces that remain true to both technical and functional logic. Those contrasts were also apparent in his new work.


Are you interested in purchasing one of the new works by Wim De Prez or Stefaan Schreel? Contact me.

Bocca Grande: the joyful water fountain with a big mouth

Dear friends, with great pleasure I present to you my latest project: Bocca Grande.

Bocca Grande is a water fountain. In March, I created this sculpture for a customer. This client wanted an original water fountain beside his swimming pool in the typical style of my other sculptures: colorful and humorous.

Bocca Grande is pure fantasy. He is a first class water blower. He’s a bit of a bluffer and an endless talker but he’s really good at spewing about his water. Bocca Grande would like to fly but his work as a water fountain keeps him grounded.

Below, I will tell you how the sculpture came about.

The birth of Bocca Grande

First I designed a 3D computer model of Bocca Grande in the right size and with the right colors. We used this model to mill separate pieces, after which we stuck them together.

Frans, a handy friend of mine, then welded a nozzle for the water fountain. Edwin, who is as handy as Frans, tested the nozzle. After this, we glued the contraption into the mouth of the sculpture and we attached the water supply to the rear of the creature. We then tested the mouth again.


After we mounted everything for the water fountain to function perfectly, we finished it with polyester and fiberglass and we painted it. We connected Bocca Grande to the local water supply via the tail. However, the tail was too short for this. That’s why I added an extension.

Finally, Bocca Grande was completely finished. A beautiful fully functional water fountain! With a little good will and some Photoshop the sculpture looks great on a postcard!

Bocca Grande on commission

Bocca Grande was commissioned but is also available on order. The sculpture can be adapted to your specific needs. You can choose the size, color and the how it is connected to the water suppy. Are you interested? Let me know! Who knows, maybe my next Bocca Grande will stand next to your pool!