About Wim De Prez

Wim de Prez (Aalst 1962) is an artist based in Sint-Martens-Latem, known for his unique, colorful and often ironic style. In his paintings and sculptures he asks questions about our beauty ideal and he establishes ties between art and science. He uses modern technology (3D software, 3D printers, etc.) to bring his sculptures to life. A large part of his time goes into in commissioned projects in the form of sculptures, paintings and everything in between. He has already made a huge clarinet towering five meters high, a water fountain and a life-sized golfer, all in his own unique style.

He graduated as an engineer and after his experience in the textile industry and with Unilever, he decided to concentrate solely on his creativity. It started with painting jobs and evolved into commissioned art in the form of murals and trompe l’oeils.

In 2008, a new chapter began. Wim De Prez presents his first unique artwork. In his first exhibition, Wim De Prez presents a living, vibrant art and an assault on the senses. The viewer is overwhelmed by the bold colors and free form.

In 2010, Wim de Prez takes the next step in his quest. His two-dimensional images come to life in colorful sculptures. The sculptures are imaginary beasts that often resemble birds or other animals, but basically, they are the concrete result of De Prez’s unbound imagination. In the years that followed, the images grew wilder and bolder, bigger, but also smaller.

Wim de Prez poses questions about the beauty ideal that we are forced to deal with. What is beauty? Did we create these standards ourselves, or is it all down to biology? Who says I can not wear two different socks? In recent work, the artist establishes ties between art and science. He finds inspiration in quantum mechanics and physics.