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Ducks are made for quacking. And floating.

Not long ago, I participated in the Kiwanis Duck Race, a yearly event organized in Dendermonde to benefit a series of good causes. The event features two competitions: a race of little ducky’s and a creative pageant for big ducky’s. In the race, participants buy a little floating ducky which then competes against thousands of […]

Glitter and teeth

An artist never sleeps! He’s too busy arting! Okay, he does sleep. A lot. But when he’s not, he’s making creating glittery and teethful art.     Glitter Noisy Noisy is back and his more glamorous than ever! This is my shiniest creation yet.     Orthodontic Noisy This artpiece was a marriage gift for […]

A sensory wall for kids

Levensvreugde Verblijven vzw asked Wim De Prez to create an art project on the playground of the department MFC De Coen. The mission for this project was to make art accessible to children with mental disabilities. Levensvreugde Verblijven vzw The MFC The Coen within theLevensvreugde Verblijven vzw (Joy of Living Accommodation association) children from 2.5 to […]

The making of ‘Miss Mars 2962’

This video shows how Wim De Prez made ‘Miss Mars 2962’. In the timelapse, you can see the process Wim De Prez always uses for big size sculptures. To keep up-to-date with my activities and upcoming exhibitions, subscribe to my newsletter by clicking the link below.

The making of ‘Greed’ (3D-print)

For the winter exposition of 2016, Wim De Prez continued to push the boundaries of his experiments with 3D-software and 3D-printing. One of the resulting pieces was ‘Greed’, a study of human selfishness and greed. Every 3D printed piece of art begins its life with software. The artist uses specialized software to create the image digitally. The […]

Art project for CAR De Hert vzw

CAR De Hert vzw is a center for outpatient rehabilitation for young children in Aalst. The center commissioned an art project for their new building. The three musketeers De Hert I made three sculptures for the new building. The first sculpture is called ‘Hiloné’ (h=120cm, w=118cm) and is the mascot for the new center. The […]

And now for something completely different…

In December 2016, Wim De Prez presented new work during his exhibition ‘And now for something completely different …’. On the one hand, he builds on the work he made for the Swedish Chalmers University, in which he lays links between art and science. You can read more about that in our previous blog. On […]

Schrödinger’s cat is alive… in Sweden!

In late October I took the plane to Sweden to participate in the annual AHA Festival. Chalmers University in Goteborg had asked me to create an artwork in which I reconcile art with science. They also asked me to give a talk about my history as an artist and the work I made for the occasion. I […]

Schrödinger’s cat is dead! Long live Schrödinger’s cat!

Chalmers University in Goteborg, Sweden asked me to participate in the AHA Festival, an academic festival created to reconcile art and science. They wanted me to create a work of art within the theme of physics. I chose two subjects: ‘Schrodinger’s cat’ and ‘Maxwell’s demon’. My whole life I’ve been interested in physics, quantum mechanics and how our […]

The first Chuck Family by Wim De Prez Golf Cup!

On 4 September, the Chuck Family by Wim De Prez Golf Cup took place in the Golf & Country Club Oudenaarde. In cooperation with the club we organized a golf tournament to celebrate the Chuck Family sculptures. The duo Josée Minnaert and Patrick Speliers won the first category. In the second category, David Robinson and Bernard Verhulst […]