In search of the ideal CHUCKFAMILY packaging

Dear friends,

A few months ago, I traveled to China with my friend Ingrid to witness the birth of my first CHUCKFAMILY money boxes!

In China, I came up with ideas for an original packaging for my money boxes. I wanted the packaging to be more than a dull box. It had to be fun and cuddly, just like the money boxes.

I made the first prototype of the packaging and sent it to China for production. End of story. Or so I thought…

There soon appeared to be a problem with the packaging. So I had to make “a few changes” to the original design… What followed was a long but inspiring design process.

In search for the ideal CHUCKFAMILY packaging - Wim De Prez

The original design of the packaging

The original design of the packaging was based on chuck drawings and paintings I made 15 years ago. First I used a digital technique to make a “stack” of reusable chuck drawings.

Then I made a ‘cross’ that could be folded into a cube and I printed my chuck drawings on the cross. Subsequently I colored the drawings and I rearranged them to make them fit better.

Then I printed my design and I glued it on a selfmade box. The packaging looked exactly the way I hoped it would! The drawings on the box fit together seamlessly!

A box with a view

Since I wanted to design ‘a box with a view’ I cut a hole in the front of the box. I soon realized it would be nicer to cut a hole in the side panel of the box though. So I did.

However, when I received a blueprint of the packaging dimensions from my manufacturer, I noticed that the shape was totally different from my original ‘cross’ design.

So I had to go back to the drawing board!

The second version of the packaging

Since I worked with digital drawings it was easy to adjust the ‘frame’ of the box. However, it was a bit difficult to rearrange the drawings in a way that they would still fit together.

Luckily, after lots of trial and error, I succeeded in fitting new seamless drawings on the packaging. There was even room for a ‘window’.

But at that time, I did not know that my money boxes would be packed in a styrofoam mold for protection during their long trip to Europe. I faced a new challenge…

The final version of the packaging

The styrofoam mold fit the packaging perfectly, but there was one downside: it was 4 cm high and it took up way too much space in the window.

To solve this problem, I reduced window and I drew a crazy peeping Chuck on the extra space.

At last, after many ordeals, I had the perfect packaging for my CHUCKFAMILY money boxes. The image below shows a prototype of the final design.

What do you think?

Do you like the final version of the packaging for my CHUCKFAMILY money boxes? I think it’s fun and cuddly, what do you think?

Would you like to buy a money box?

Keep an eye on our website chuckfamily.com. There’s a lot happening behind the scenes. In a few weeks, we’ll have some exciting news for you!

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