CHUCKFAMILY - one-of-a-kind money boxes

CHUCKFAMILY: one-of-a-kind money boxes

Dear friends,

I still can’t believe that my first container shipment of CHUCKFAMILY money boxes has arrived in Belgium. At last! Sometimes I have to pinch myself to make sure it’s not a dream.

It took a while to unload and unpack the whole container, but all money boxes are stored neatly in my stock now, ready to find a new home! After all, every home deserves a unique piece of art, don’t you think?


Believe it or not, but every single CHUCKFAMILY money box truly is one of a kind. After all, every money box has been handmade and hand painted, from the very first to the very last.

To stress this uniqueness, I thought it would be fun to give every CHUCKFAMILY money box a unique number. At the moment, there are 504 copies of each of the 10 types of money boxes.

Why 504 copies of each type of money box, you ask? Well, because 5040 boxes appeared to be the maximum load capacity of my container. Sometimes, the answer is just that simple!


The first images above shows the bottom of CHUCKFAMILY member Byte, number 330 of the 504 copies to be precise. Just like the rest of my money boxes, Byte number 330 is unique. There’s only one such copy in the whole world. A nice thought, isn’t it?

All of my numbered money boxes were distributed randomly, by the way. So it will be exciting to discover which buyers or collectors will receive the first copy of each type of money box!

As you can see in the pictures, every money box comes with a nice plasticized leaflet. This way you can mark which CHUCKFAMILY money boxes you already have and which money box(es) you still want of course!


Would you like to have a unique and original CHUCKFAMILY money box? Click below to visit the CHUCKFAMILY webshop! Who knows, you might as well receive the only number 1 of the Chuck you like!

If you do, please tell me! I’m very curious to know which numbered Chuck belongs to whom!

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