Unique packaging for a unique moneybox

In December, my good friend Ingrid and I traveled to China for the birth of the Chuck moneyboxes.

During that trip we also discussed the packaging for our moneyboxes with the manufacturer. Because a unique product deserves unique packaging!

Unique packaging for a unique moneybox

Looking for original packaging

I still remember the feeling when I first held Numnum in my hands, the first finished moneybox of the CHUCKFAMILY. A sense of wonder and intense happiness.

But at the same time I also felt anxious. Because how would this product be presented in stores? With or without packaging? And if we would choose to put it in a package, what would it look like?

I decided I wanted a unique form of packaging. I definitely wanted it to be more than just a box. I wanted the package to be as high on the ‘Cuddly Index’ as the moneyboxes themselves.

So I went to work.

Art knows no boundaries

Over the years, my computer has become an integral part of my creative process. I do a lot of drawing on my computer. That way I can quickly try things and combine small drawings to form a larger whole.

I used this technique to create the packaging for our moneyboxes. In collaboration with the manufacturer, we developed a box that is open at the front and closed off on the other five sides.

For those five sides I made a digital collage of earlier Chuck drawings in the same style as the moneyboxes. Below you can see the result.

But I wanted more. I did not want any “borders” on the box. No sharp corners and edges. I wanted the story of Chuck to seamlessly continue from one side to the other. And so it happened.

Below is the preliminary result: a first version (with seams) of the packaging for our Chuck moneyboxes. I made the prototype myself and the final version is being made in China at this very moment. Exciting!

More news on the CHUCKFAMILY

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Thanks, and see you soon for more exciting news about the CHUCKFAMILY!

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