Bocca Grande: the joyful water fountain with a big mouth

Dear friends, with great pleasure I present to you my latest project: Bocca Grande.

Bocca Grande is a water fountain. In March, I created this sculpture for a customer. This client wanted an original water fountain beside his swimming pool in the typical style of my other sculptures: colorful and humorous.

Bocca Grande is pure fantasy. He is a first class water blower. He’s a bit of a bluffer and an endless talker but he’s really good at spewing about his water. Bocca Grande would like to fly but his work as a water fountain keeps him grounded.

Below, I will tell you how the sculpture came about.

The birth of Bocca Grande

First I designed a 3D computer model of Bocca Grande in the right size and with the right colors. We used this model to mill separate pieces, after which we stuck them together.

Frans, a handy friend of mine, then welded a nozzle for the water fountain. Edwin, who is as handy as Frans, tested the nozzle. After this, we glued the contraption into the mouth of the sculpture and we attached the water supply to the rear of the creature. We then tested the mouth again.


After we mounted everything for the water fountain to function perfectly, we finished it with polyester and fiberglass and we painted it. We connected Bocca Grande to the local water supply via the tail. However, the tail was too short for this. That’s why I added an extension.

Finally, Bocca Grande was completely finished. A beautiful fully functional water fountain! With a little good will and some Photoshop the sculpture looks great on a postcard!

Bocca Grande on commission

Bocca Grande was commissioned but is also available on order. The sculpture can be adapted to your specific needs. You can choose the size, color and the how it is connected to the water suppy. Are you interested? Let me know! Who knows, maybe my next Bocca Grande will stand next to your pool!

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