Ghent Clarinet Capital 2015: Official start of ‘Clarinet’ -campaign

In 2015 Ghent sets the stage for the prestigious International Ghent Clarinet Competition  and the European Clarinet Festival. Reason enough to proclaim Ghent as the”Ghent Clarinet Capital”.

I’m excited and honored to make this award for such an important festival. I’m very happy it has become a real eye catcher. Below are some pictures of the unveiling of “The Clarinet”.


Ghent Clarinet Capital 2015 – World class in Ghent

International Music Promotion vzw is an association that organizes projects to stimulate interest for the clarinet and support young artists.

After previous successful editions in 2010 and 2013 International Music Promotion organizes the third International Clarinet Competition in Ghent.  Together with the European Clarinet Festival from April 7 to 18,  Ghent becomes the Clarinet Capital 2015.


The Clarinet: Eyecatcher of Ghent Clarinet Capital 2015

In honor of this festive year, I was asked months ago to design a trophy and also an eye-catcher. And so it happened.

I made a trophy and a landmark in a style that is my own: colorful and with the necessary self deprecation and ridicule. This fits nicely with the image I have of the city of Ghent. Ghent is in my opinion always been a city with a stubborn character. No-nonsense and with muchself deprecation and humor.

The image ‘The Clarinet’ is 5.20 meters high. If you look at the sculpture, you see a series of eyes that look bold and challenging in all directions and elicit reactions. Furthermore you see hands that could make music and – because the humor is never far away – the hat of Pierke Pierlala, the eternal sleeper.



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