Mini Chucks: fun under a bell glass

Dear friends,

Three years ago, I decided to take all my Chucks – sculptures that originally were quite large – and make a small version of them in their original colors. It took a while, but I finally did it!

Today, I present to you the “mini versions” of my Chucks.

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The making of Mini Chucks

In the first picture below you can see my Mini Chucks in their original colors. The second photo shows an unfinished version of ‘Noisy’. Behind it, there is a gilded ‘Noisy’: my first Chuck in gold leaf!

In the third and fourth picture you can admire the little statues in close-up. I have to hold them very close to paint them accurately, which you can see on photographs 5, 6 and 7. Fortunately, I have a steady hand!

And perhaps you would not notice, but painting a small figurine requires as much work as painting a big sculpture. Actually, the size makes little difference.

A humble bell glass for every Chuck

I thought it would be nice to put my little Chucks under bell glasses. This gives them a protective shelter, which is very useful, because the fragile figurines have only just started their precious lives.

This is Giga Barry. He is one part of a pair of identical twins. Barry tries to escape in his tight pants, but he never succeeds. Especially not now that he is under a bell glass.

This is Billy, Barry’s twin sister. Billy is ultramarine blue and matte. This makes a bit of her form disappear. You have to look carefully to find real depth in the figurine. Fascinating!

Noisy wears the same ultramarine blue. Noisy is, as his name suggests, the loudest of the entire family. Because of his colour, he’s less visible. This frustrates him immensely. He can compensate his invisibility with his roar, but not as easily as he would like.

Meet Nano Prince 1 and 2. The original Nano Prince is a very popular sculpture. It always makes spectators laugh. The cheerful colors and asymmetrical shapes of the mini princes will undoubtedly have the same effect.

Finally, this is little Terry 1 and little Terry 2. Terry has a hollow head, just like his big brother. Not exactly flattering for the figure that modelled for this, but every time I explain where the idea comes from, people enjoy it a lot!

What do you think?

What do you think of my little Chucks? Cute? Funny? Something else? I’d like to hear your opinion about this!

Are you interested?

Would you like to take one of my Mini Chucks home? Contact me here.

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