Open days June 2016 with Stefaan Schreel

The first two weekends of June, the new exhibition of Wim De Prez and Stefaan Schreel took place. We presented new sculptures, new paintings and a new art book. It was a whirlwind encounter with a series of new creatures!

New sculptures, new creatures

Wim De Prez has unleashed a newseries of sculptures (or should I call them ‘beasts’?) on the world! When you walked through the front door of the gallery, you were immediately confronted by two new friends in De Prez’s imaginative universe of creatures. A friendly fellow who climbs the walls and a floating giant soaring through space. They also have friends, two brothers who revolve around their own base.

There were a lot of newcomers to the party. Two nephews reminiscent of turtles crawled through the exhibition space. A colorful little guy with his mouth wide open and his tongue all the way out, two brothers lying around on their pedestal and two great dragons flying by, ready to spit fire.

In the garden we find a water spraying sculptures which serves as a water fountain. Also, we find the big nephew of the colorful guy with his mouth wide open from earlier. If you listen carefully, you can hear them yelling …



Fresh paintings!

An exhibition by Wim De Prez is not an exhibition by Wim De Prez if it lacks beautiful paintings. We were not disappointed, we got to see three variants of an abstract figure.

Presentation of an ew art book: Wim De Prez: 1994-2016


These open days were the ideal time to introduce my new art book. The book extensively covers my artistic career in about 100 pages. The book contains works dating from 1994 to the most recent projects I created. The reader/viewer is guided through the evolution of the artist, from drawings and paintings to sculptures. The book is available for 30 euros.

New pieces by Stefaan Schreel

Stefaan Schreel also participated in the exhibition! He uses iron to make statues of insect-inspired creatures. It looked like our garden was ravaged by a bug infestation! Stefaan Schreel started his artistic career making exclusive furniture pieces in limited editions based on his mastery as a sculptor and always with a preference for iron. By working with contrasting woods and metals in his later pieces, he creates pieces that remain true to both technical and functional logic. Those contrasts were also apparent in his new work.


Are you interested in purchasing one of the new works by Wim De Prez or Stefaan Schreel? Contact me.

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