And now for something completely different tentoonstelling wim de prez art science

And now for something completely different…

In December 2016, Wim De Prez presented new work during his exhibition ‘And now for something completely different …’. On the one hand, he builds on the work he made for the Swedish Chalmers University, in which he lays links between art and science. You can read more about that in our previous blog. On the other hand, he presents new pieces that are the result of his experiments with 3D printing.

And now for something completely different tentoonstelling wim de prez art science

Cats, demons and many worlds

Art lovers who have yet to come to Sweden to view the new work of Wim De Prez, can visit Gallery Number Four this month to experience his ‘scientific’ creations. In the exposition, we are shown a box in which Schrödinger’s cat is hidden, a flying Demon by Maxwell and various works that elaborate on the Many-Worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics.

In two paintings Wim De Prez explores the theme of science and art. He bases these images on his insights into Schrödinger’s cat and Maxwell’s demon.

Another result of this ‘art-scientific’ research are the drawings in white frames. These works are available for a more modest budget.

Life under a dome

Wim De Prez continues to experiment with 3D printing. This exhibition presents new creations with colorful accents living under their own domes.

3D printing also makes it possible to create very complex pieces that would otherwise be virtually impossible to make. One of the new creations is a complex organism that is very difficult to classify.


Science and art under a dome

The artist’s interest in quantum mechanics also appears under the domes. He made two pieces in which a parallel universe manifests itself physically as a 3D shadow.

Another piece shows three parallel universes coming into contact with each other.



 Something different

It was an interesting exhibition with a lot of exciting new work. If you are interested in the work of Wim De Prez, you can always come by. Just give us a call


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