wim de prez art 3d print

The making of ‘Greed’ (3D-print)

For the winter exposition of 2016, Wim De Prez continued to push the boundaries of his experiments with 3D-software and 3D-printing. One of the resulting pieces was ‘Greed’, a study of human selfishness and greed.

wim de prez art 3d print

Every 3D printed piece of art begins its life with software. The artist uses specialized software to create the image digitally.

The virtual piece of art is uploaded to the 3D-printer to print it. Depending on the size and complexity of the piece, it takes several hours, sometimes days, to print the piece. To make sure the construction does not collapse on itself, support beams are printed as well. These will not be part of the final piece. They will be removed after printing is done.

To see the printer in action, you can watch the following video. The printer lays down warm plastic cord to create the sculpture.

After it is printed, the support beams have to be removed to unveil the final piece of art.

The organism is put under a glass bell and is now ready to presented to the public.

And now for something completely different tentoonstelling wim de prez art science

And now for something completely different…

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