Paintings 2013 – 2016

Paintings 2010-2012

Paintings 2005-2009

Drawings 1994-2004

About the paintings

Wim De Prez uses his unique visual language to bring to life creatures on the canvas, stemming from his imagination. The abstract works are often unrecognizable and difficult to comprehend. The abstract forms of his first exhibitions later crystallize into figures, creatures and beasts that are recognizable and accessible. Humour is never far away. Wim De Prez creates a universe of fantastic creatures, which are a cross between toys, candy and the demons of Hieronymus Bosch.

Paintings about invented creatures and laughing at beauty standards: wim de prez’s sculptures originated from his painting of bizarre creatures. They ‘walked out’ of the paintings. The sculptures and the creatures in the paintings raise questions about our standard of beauty. They don’t want to be accepted as good looking, but could make you laugh anyway.

The technical details

The paintings are mostly on canvas, painted and designed with acrylic paint, pastel, markers. They last as long as any other painting with oilpaint e.g. As I always paint the sides of the canvas, my painting don’t really need a frame.

This video shows the creation of Margots World.