De Hert

De Hert, Aalst, 2016

CAR De Hert vzw is a center for outpatient rehabilitation for young children in Aalst.

The center commissioned an art project for their new building.

The first sculpture is called ‘Hiloné’ (h=120cm, w=118cm) and is the mascot for the new center. The sculpture is placed front and center at the entrance of the building.
The second sculpture, ‘Effenaf’, is a combination of a 3D-sculpture and 2D-artwork. The sculpture comes out of the panel and wraps around the wall.
The third sculpture, ‘Straffe Walter’ (h=110cm), is based on the name of the center: ‘De Hert’, which is Dutch for ‘the deer’. The sculptures envelops a pole in the middle of the room for physiotherapy.

I created 15cm by 15cm pictograms for the entire center.