CHUCKFAMILY money boxes set foot on Belgian soil

Dear friends,

I have very exciting news! Previously I told you about the birth of my CHUCKFAMILY money boxes and the search for an original packaging for my money boxes. Today I am very pleased to announce that the CHUCKFAMILY money boxes have finally arrived in Belgium.

Are you as excited as I am? Well then, below you can read all about the arrival of my CHUCKFAMILY money boxes and how they set foot on Belgian soil.

My first CHUCKFAMILY container shipment

Last week I received a joyful message: my first container with CHUCKFAMILY money boxes had finally arrived in Belgium. I went to collect the money boxes immediately.

I had the honor of opening the container. Such a joy! Such a great moment! The container was crammed with brown boxes. I unloaded the boxes with the help of my friends Ingrid and Philippe and my son Edouard. Then we sorted the money boxes by ‘name’ on different pallets.

Philippe always helps me out with all my logistical problems and questions. This time he handled the forklift truck like a super skilled driver.

Hi there, Chew!

When I started opening the brown boxes Chew (my relaxed money box) was the first to say hi! He was packed  in a nice box with a view. My CHUCKFAMILY money boxes looked even better than I had hoped!

To my surprise, the information leaflet in the packaging was plasticized. It looks great. I hope that my leaflets will encourage everyone to ‘adopt’ even more members of the CHUCKFAMILY.

My money boxes are looking for a new home

As much as I would like to, I can’t keep all of my money boxes for myself. That’s why I call on you!

Do you want to buy one of my money boxes? They will be up for sale on October 15. Click below to visit our webshop.


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