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Schrödinger’s cat is dead! Long live Schrödinger’s cat! We invite you to an exhibition of Wim De Prez in which he reconciles quantum mechanics with art. For two week-ends, you can come and take a look at his new work in Galerij Nummer Vier.

Opening Fri 02/12 18h-21h
(Send us an e-mail if you want to come to the opening)
Sat 03/12 and Sun 04/12: 14h-19h
Fri 09/12: 18h-21h
Sat 10/12 and Sun 11/12: 14h-19h

EXTRA: Sun 18/12: 14h-18h

Galerij Nummer Vier
Ph. the Denterghemlaan 4 Deurle


I enjoy making fun and intriguing sculptures that are adorable in their own particular way. Here you see Terry and Chuck. Click the button below to meet the rest of the Chucks and to order your own unique sculpture.


I love art, and I love making people happy with my art. Click the button below to get a glimpse of my previous work. I look forward to hearing how I can brighten up your place with custom-made paintings, logos, statues and more!


When I’m not creating art, I like talking about it. I give talks about my evolution as an artist. Aided by images, I explain step by step how I developed my unique artistic style through the years.


I want to make my art accessible to a large audience. That’s why I started designing everyday objects with a unique and funny twist. Click the button below to see my first ‘products’: 10 joyful money boxes.

About me

After my studies of Textile Engineer, I had two jobs in the industry. That was not really what I expected from life, so I decided to start to work for no boss.  I started my own business from scratch.

I joined the Academy of Deinze, Belgium, and I took lessons in every kind of painting. It took me some years to discover my own pictural language. Along the way, I also developed a love for Trompe l’Oeil paintings. Over the years, I have made many Trompe l’Oeil paintings for a wide variety of clients.

In the paintings and sculptures I create nowadays, you will encounter non-existing creatures that disrupt our idea of ideal standards. I like to question our standard of beauty, and I am happy that others like (to do) this as well.

What clients say

We met about a year ago, and found a creative partner in wim de prez. He made propositions to create an open atmosphere in our offices with a clear link to creativity.

Geoffroy Speybrouck
Geoffroy SpeybrouckManagerParkOffice

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